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About Us Miles Less Traveled

Welcome to Miles Less Traveled!


Our everyday lives involve a constant stream of us looking for, finding, and consuming food. This married couple (Joe & Alicia) love to travel and love to eat. Typically, this results in lots of taco/sandwich/pizza/noodle consumption. 


However, with Miles Less Traveled, eating means more than that to us. Food is where our relationship started and has continued to keep us grounded wherever we are in the world.


From eating instant noodles in Indonesia, meat and cheese in New Zealand, fish in Fiji, pepper crab in Cambodia, Bánh Xèo in Vietnam, Khao Soi noodles in Thailand, and Amatriciana in Italy, we have learned to love the world through the food we’ve eaten.


How do we survive with a seemingly endless appetite, you might wonder? Conveniently, our other favorite pastime is playing outside. Whether it be running, walking, hiking, or kayaking, we believe going outside is the best way to fully experience whatever setting we are in.


From trekking in Indonesia, running a half-marathon in Cambodia, road tripping the south island of New Zealand, and spending two full days at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, we have experienced the magic of so many places through the outdoors.


What it comes down to is this: we truly believe in traveling and eating. We take it seriously, but can’t help but have a lot of fun while we’re at it. By following our journey on Miles Less Traveled, we hope to not only let you see the beauty in this world through the food we eat, but that you can taste it too.