Campo De Fiori Guide: Discovering a not so Hidden Gem of Rome

Artichoke cart in Campo De Fiori

Rome is a city full of endless wonder. Whether it’s through historical sites, churches, or shopping, this city has it all. After four months of travel, being in Italy was our longest time in a single country during our entire time abroad. After spending time in Venice, Florence, and Tuscany, Rome was a fitting end to our journey. We had over a week here and we were so excited to spend it in this fine city. We did all of the standard things, Trevi Fountain, The Vatican, and ate all of the traditional food you could imagine.

Being a tourist in Rome can be exhausting, and there is a need to change scenery. One of our favorite ways to discover a new city is by finding local markets. These markets typically have all of the local flare, food, souvenirs–think Homer Simpson as a Roman gladiator on a t-shirt–and much more. While more of a tourist spot these days than a traditional market, Campo De Fiori is a beautiful little gem of a market located in a small cobblestone square with some surprisingly delicious food alongside the usual tourist traps.

Our discovery of Campo De Fiori was a bit serendipitous. We didn’t actually seek it out, but stumbled upon it after my mom watched an episode of Chef’s Table where mozzarella was being homemade in a little restaurant on this square. She sent us the details and, following her advice from thousands of miles away, found what became one of our favorite Roman spots. We returned twice after that, each time sampling more treats and discovering new favorite stalls.
Campo De Fiori Guide

Produce stand at Campo De Fiori

We could not take our eyes off all of the fresh produce at each and every stand

The Essentials:

Some of the stalls do take credit cards, but make sure to have cash on you for Campo De Fiori.

Take a walk around before buying ANYTHING! Some things may have looked gross to us and may look delicious to you, walk around and see what catches your eye

Campo De Fiori Hours: 10 AM to 5 PM: Note about this, things may “open” at 10 AM but that is more of a loose estimate. Most stalls start preparing at 10 AM and are not fully open until 11 or so. Likewise, many start closing up early. Alicia’s parents missed their chance to purchase the espresso cups they were eyeing because we took the hours too literally and they were packed in boxes by the time we looped back around.

How to Get There:

Campo De Fiori is incredibly convenient to get to if you are in Rome. It is within walking distance from the Tiber River, the Pantheon, and Piazza Navona. If you’re not staying within walking distance, you can take the local bus, or the #8 trolly line to Arenula/Cairoli and it is a five minute walk from there.

Name of Square: Piazza Campo De’Fiori

Streets: The road is aptly named “Piazza Campo De’Fiori”. The busiest street in the neighborhood is Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, which is less than a block from the Piazza.

Flowers at Campo De Fiori

Fittingly finding flowers at the “Flower Market” in Rome

What to Buy:

Cheesy Roman Souvenirs: Ok, I know, can we be more touristy? But think about it, how often do you have friends or family asking you for a magnet or a little knick knack from your vacation? This is the place to get it while in Rome.

Italian Specialties: We love getting local kitchen supplies whenever we travel and Campo De Fiori has a great selection. It is a great way to use an everyday item to remind you of past experiences. We legitimately use our Bialetti coffee maker every single morning. Besides coffee makers, they have espresso cups, and tables piled high with every other kitchen gadget you can imagine.  

Fresh Produce: We were in Roman during artichoke season, so these were the most common item we saw when walking around the market. However, this is a great place to get so much fresh Sicilian produce. Tomatoes, Oranges, and even dried fruit, they have it all and it’s all delicious. Alicia became borderline addicted to the dried Sicilian strawberries. She spent over 20 Euros on an overstuffed paper bag filled with them before we left.

Our tip: Get some salami, dried fruit, and oranges–they’re incredible, trust us–and you will never be hungry when you’re craving a snack in the middle of the day. Buy a bit more to turn it into a full meal, along with a cheap bottle of wine from the corner store, and you have a delicious and inexpensive dinner for the night.

Focaccia and Mozzarella at Campo De Fiori

People think we’re lying sometimes when we say to do things. We literally bought a ball of mozzarella and ate it in the street.

Where to Eat:

Forno Campo De Fiori: A bakery that has it all. Focaccia, Italian pizza, sandwiches, everything else you can imagine, this is an excellent way to start your day before moving to the next vendor or restaurant.

Our tip: Sample a few different types of focaccia, have a bite or two, and save the rest — you’re going to want it for the next stop!

Obica: Come in here for one thing only: hand made fresh mozzarella. There are two types, delicate and intense, both of which are delicious.

Our tip: Get a ball of intense and a ball of delicate. We ate it like an apple–don’t judge–but these were the best bites of mozzarella we’ve ever had. They pair perfectly with the focaccia from Forno.

Il Fornaio: Now, that your stomachs are full of cheese and focaccia, it’s time to get some dessert for the walk home. We loved the pistachio cookies here, but Fornaio also had any Italian dessert you could imagine. Sfoglitella, pignoli cookies, and amaretti are all here. Great spot to end the day!

Our tip: Get one or two for right after, but more than anything, you’ll want these for later in the night. Grab a few to bring back for later!

Campo De Fiori Mozzarella plate

You know you’re in the right place when you can tell the mozzarella is handmade just by looking at it


Campo De Fiori ended up being one of our absolute favorite places in the city. We even made sure to finish a run here as we just loved the food and atmosphere so much. This made us feel like we were embracing Rome to the fullest, eating the local food while also not being afraid to be the tourists that we are. In our opinion, this is a must-do in Rome, so we hope this guide helps and that you leave the market nice and full just like we did!

A guide to Campo De Fiori Rome, Italy's finest market


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