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Hi there! We’re Alicia & Joe, the couple behind Miles Less Traveled. Welcome to our blog! If you’ve landed on this page, we’re going to go ahead and assume that you’re interested in working with us. Which is great! Because if you’re interested in us, that means there’s a good chance that we’re interested in you too.

Mile Less Traveled

Miles Less Traveled Fun Facts

Here’s a quick humble brag about the things that make us who we are. We’re not for everyone, and we think that’s great! Because Miles Less Traveled is a personal travel brand, what we offer is unique to us and those like us. Mainly, millenial men and women who have the financial means to travel but cannot quite push the envelope of luxury, more economy plus type travelers. Us–and our readers–are more focused on the experience we can have in the places we visit than the things we can bring home with us. We like to be outdoors on adventures, snuggled up in a cozy bar, or wandering through a local market eating god-knows-what. We explore cities on foot, cultures through food, and the natural world by whatever means necessary. If this seems like a fit for you, read on!

The Numbers

Not interested in the story? Totally cool, we get it. We also have a business to run. Here are the numbers behind Miles Less Traveled. Don’t see what you need? Have more questions? Let us know

Our Readers

January, 2020

Pageviews: 5,706

Sessions: 4,762


Female: 90%       Male: 10%

Age (25-34)  42%

Social Media Followers

Total: 2,536

Instagram: 1,260

Pinterest: 752

Twitter: 319

Facebook: 204

More information available upon request.

What Can We Do For You?

Now that you know who we are, it’s time to discuss what it is we do here, exactly. This is a sampling of what we can do for you:

Freelance Writing

This one is going to fall mostly to Alicia. She’s built a pretty impressive portfolio, with work published in Lonely Planet, Matador Network, and Roads and Kingdoms. Similar to what you’ll find on Miles Less Traveled, Alicia writes about travel and food. You’ll also find, however, articles on health, lifestyle, and copywriting work in her collection. You can see these–and many more–here.

Guest Posting

Think our voice would be a great fit for your brand? We’d love to lend it to you for a guest post or two. We’ve done quite a few in our blogging days. Check them out here, here, and here.


Help us help you! Our favorite way to work together is the one where we do exactly that: build a product that we are both proud of, together. Partnering with brands, tourism boards, and tour operators give insider insight, local perspective, and inspiration to our most engaged readers. That being said, we only promote the services, products, and places that we love–don’t worry, there are many. Like every new relationship, we like to make sure our values and priorities align at the forefront to ensure we are both getting what we need out of our time together. Examples of what these blog posts could look like include:

Why You Need to take a Wailua River Kayak Tour (And Who to Do it With)

A Complete Travel Guide to Siesta Key, Florida

Affiliate Links

We love using dope products and talking about them to our readers. Things that might work for us are: outdoor or travel gear, planning or tour services, or food products, tours, or services. These posts can give you an idea for how we write about our affiliates.

12 Essential Travel Items for Every Adventure

We love working with you! But please don’t ask us to promote your product without allowing us to try it first. It does a disservice to our readers and our brand.

Have an idea but don’t see it here? Reach out to us with just about anything at We consider ourselves to be pretty open-minded and honest. We’ll let you know if it works with our brand or figure out a different way to collaborate together.